What is Cartonization and how does it work?

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TitleWhat is Cartonization and how does it work?
SummaryWhat is Cartonization and how does it work?
URL NameWhat-is-Cartonization-and-how-does-it-work

Cartonization is the process of determining which piece picks should be packed together in cartons for shipment and which size carton should be used.  From a distribution standpoint, this cartonization may happen prior to picking beginning, or as part of the picking process.  The determination of what may be cartonized together may be made automatically by the system, or manually by the picker or packer.

From a WMS perspective, cartonization may happen manually through the Order Overpack Operations application, or automatically through the Process Cartonization component.

See attached document for additional details on the following cartonization subjects:

  • Manual Cartonization/Logic Flow
  • Order Overpack Operations
  • Automatic Cartonization/Logic Flow
  • Volume Based vs Complex Cartonization


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